Factory Hollow Press is thrilled to announce the publication of three new chapbooks! 

POSITION PAPERS by Andrea Lawlor

A willfully deadpan absurdist drama plays out page by page throughout Andrea Lawlor’s POSITION PAPERS while meanwhile we’re treated to a catalog of rationalized pitch perfect fairly reasonable exercises pertinent to our day to day lives. It’s neither a how to book nor a how not to book; it’s more a it’s-a-good-idea-to-take-these-positions-to-heart and let them amplify one’s mind with a necessary guide.

DOUBLOON OATH by Kiki Petrosino

Kiki Petrosino’s poem’s artfully shaped spell is enhanced word by word by Philip Miller’s images in DOUBLOON OATH’s spare pages. 

CHESHIRIZATION by John Emil Vincent

In nine poems whose tones, tempers, tonics and contents exquisitely mesh, John Emil Vincent carries on an extended conversation with any one of us who wishes to take up where what’s proposed poem by poem takes off into heretofore unexplored zones of our own.  We frame what’s next as each new poem frames its contents in elegantly surprising, slightly raucous configurations.