A new review of Hymn To Life by Timothy Donnelly!

A new review of Hymn To Life by Timothy Donnelly !

We only see the wind because we see the tree’s reply to it. Timothy Donnelly’s long poem Hymn to Life behaves similarly, but instead of the tree, it’s the past, and the force, rather than being the wind, is life. Topping out at sixty stanzas, un-serialized, populated by facts pulled from natural history with digressive little reveries into pop-culture, biography, antiquity, and personal anecdote, the intrinsic spirit of Hymn to Life – perhaps one of the best long poems written in recent memory – is sympathy 


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Bianca Stone’s IDIOT SAVANT is a collection of fragments: poetry, comics, collage and commentary in the spirit of a comic book “Christmas special.” Twenty pages of darkly humorous comics, IDIOT SAVANT tells a bittersweet winter story of a woman in crisis through a disintegrating narrative, and odd japes. It is a perfectly imperfect addition to any holiday shelf.