The Emily Dickinson Tarot Deck has been re-printed and is now back in stock!

I have an errand imminent
To an adjoining Zone

The Emily Dickinson Tarot Deck. Each suit designed by a different artist.

Phoebe Harris, swords, is an illustrator living and working in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Emily Pettit, pentacles, lives in Northampton, Massachusetts where she edits for Factory Hollow Press; her book, Goat In The Snow, comes from Birds, LLC.

Bianca Stone, wands, is a poet and artist who lives in Brooklyn.

Halie Theoharides, major arcana, lives in Western Massachusetts and studies poetry, wildlife, and other mysteries; her favorite insects are dragonflies and damselflies.

Haley Rene Thompson, cups, is a maker who studies poetry in the MFA for Poets and Writers University of Massachusetts Amherst; she lives above a suspect antique shop in Northampton, Massachusetts--of both she is fond. 

review of These Are The Gloria Stories by Kelin Loe in Publishers Weekly

Loe's hip, energetic, and bodily debut is a frenetic trip through the messy, the psychosexual, and our almost-ordinary internal and external worlds. Inhabited by a singular but splitting voice, these worlds collide, ebb, and fight through four series of prose fragments where "Biochemically, I am more alive/ than you// and when/ the kitchen light cuts// out I become/ more to you// I mean I can candle." What these series lack in traditional sense, they exploit with energy, association, and colloquial smarts ("if you TRY TO SLOW me DOWN i will FRACTURE your comprehension of CHILL/ though I don't want to.") As it moves from mundane humor ("I just found your ring in the shower./ The water's back?") to the weird ("I put my best boob forward./ I could go for a breast blitz.") to the aggressive ("you/ will taste/ the wheel// with your throat."), the work remains full of surprises. Yet readers will also catch glimpses of the familiar: "i keep opening the internet like there is food in there." Loe's willingness to push the limits results in a strange pleasure that never overwhelms, thanks to the consistency of her deliriousness and to the work's simple and elegant form.  - Publishers Weekly


FORGIVENESS FORGIVENESS by Shane McCrae is #3 on COLDFRONT's Top 40 Poetry Books of 2014

FORGIVENESS FORGIVENESS by Shane McCrae is #3 on COLDFRONT's Top 40 Poetry Books of 2014!

Shane McCrae’s latest, Forgiveness Forgiveness, is a stunning follow-up to his 2013 collection Blood. This book draws on a similar inherited trauma as Blood, but it also dilates the issue to zoom in on moments of personal violence. McCrae probes memory, both collective and individual, and uncovers violence associated with racism as well as physical and sexual abuse. The struggle, however, is not to achieve vengeance, but to forgive. McCrae’s speaker seeks to better understand and to move beyond rage or even apathy.  - Melinda Wilson 


A new review of Hymn To Life by Timothy Donnelly!

A new review of Hymn To Life by Timothy Donnelly !

We only see the wind because we see the tree’s reply to it. Timothy Donnelly’s long poem Hymn to Life behaves similarly, but instead of the tree, it’s the past, and the force, rather than being the wind, is life. Topping out at sixty stanzas, un-serialized, populated by facts pulled from natural history with digressive little reveries into pop-culture, biography, antiquity, and personal anecdote, the intrinsic spirit of Hymn to Life – perhaps one of the best long poems written in recent memory – is sympathy 




Bianca Stone’s IDIOT SAVANT is a collection of fragments: poetry, comics, collage and commentary in the spirit of a comic book “Christmas special.” Twenty pages of darkly humorous comics, IDIOT SAVANT tells a bittersweet winter story of a woman in crisis through a disintegrating narrative, and odd japes. It is a perfectly imperfect addition to any holiday shelf.




This book launch party will try to reward you for reading These Are The Gloria Stories in the past, present, and future.

It will involve visual, gustatory, and auditory interpretations of the five poems in the book. There will be tactile and olfactory interpretations as well, if you pay attention.

Saturday, 11/22

Flying Object / 42 West Street Hadley, MA 01035

6:30 Book-signing, Interpretive cocktails and snacks (gluten free, of course!), an Exhibition of interpretive visual art, General chatting and catching up

8:00 Performance Begins! It will involve readings and performances of poems in and surrounding the book.

And then a non-interpretive dance party.


featuring the talents of Jenny Krichevsky, Michael Gulden, Patrick Gaughan, Stella Corso, Jonathan Volk, Jono Tosch, Finn McGurk (appearing with parents Annie and Chris), Haley Thompson, Emily Siegenthaler, Philip Muller, Gale Marie Thompson, Starr Florio, Paige Taggart, Leanna Oen, Ashley Nadeau, Mike Wall, Anne Cecelia Holmes, Elise Swinford, Neelofer Qadir, Kate Marantz, Anna-Claire Simpson and DeShawn Alexander. And maybe a big surprise too. (People, not goats this time).


jubilat Jones presents: Caryl Pagel and Shane McCrae! 11/9/14

Join us for the second jubilat / Jones reading of the fall!

Sunday, November 9th @ 3pm
Goodwin Room (formerly the Trustees Room), Jones Library

With Caryl Pagel and Shane McCrae!

Caryl Pagel’s first collection of poetry, Experiments I Should Like Tried At My Own Death, was published in 2012 by Factory Hollow Press and her second, Twice Told, was published last summer by H_NG M_N Books. Caryl teaches in the NEOMFA program in eastern Ohio and is the Director of the Cleveland State University Poetry Center. She is also the co-founder and editor of Rescue Press and a poetry editor at jubilat.

Shane McCrae is the author of Mule, Blood, Forgiveness Forgiveness, and The Animal Too Big to Kill (forthcoming from Persea Books). His poems have appeared, or are forthcoming, in The Best American Poetry, Seattle Review, Pleiades, LIT and elsewhere, and he has received a Whiting Writer’s Award and a fellowship from the NEA. He teaches at Oberlin College and in the brief-residency MFA program at Spalding University.

flowers of rad Release Party

Join Sampson Starkweather & friends for the launch party of Flowers of Rad from Factory Hollow Press. 

Kelin Loe
Charles Baudelaire
Lauren Hunter
Guy Pettit
Bridget Talone
Ben Pease
Snoop Dogg
Emily Pettit
MC Amy Lawless

Over the Eight
594 Union Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11211

5 - 7:30 Saturday 9/27/14

There will be flowers, dranking, rap battles, friendship, jokes, emotional twerking and rad chapbooks. 

✨✨Followed by spiritual karaoke ✨✨✨✨✨✨, somewhere, somehow 


Kelin Loe Reading in Easthampton 9/9/14

UNBUTTONED: An Evening of Spoken Word will feature a reading by poet Kelin Loe preceded by six, five-minute open mic slots.

UNBUTTONED will take place Tuesday, September 9, from 7-8:30 p.m. at Luthier’s Co-Op, 108 Cottage St., Easthampton, MA. This event is free and open to the public.