NOT IDEAS - R.H.W. Dillard

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NOT IDEAS - R.H.W. Dillard


Perfect-bound. 112 pp., 5.5 x 7.5 in. 
ISBN: 978-0-9835203-9-9
Publication date: 2014

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NOT IDEAS finds its life force especially in Wittgenstein and Williams, in Philosophical Investigations and Paterson.  It alternately celebrates and condemns, coruscating with intelligence, wit and heart. Readers of 20th and 21st Century's philosophy, poetry, science, politics and religion will recognize the aggregations accumulated in the mind NOT IDEAS invokes, accommodates and regards with love, horror, awe and close attention.

Richard Henry Wilde Dillard was born in Virginia in 1937 where he has, for the most part, lived the rest of his life, and where he has been a professor of English and film at Hollins University for fifty of those years, chairing for thirty-three of them the noted undergraduate and graduate creative writing programs (now the Jackson Center for Creative Writing at Hollins). Among the honors his work has received are the O. B. Hardison, Jr. Poetry Prize of the Folger Shakespeare Library, the Hanes Prize for Poetry and a Special Lifetime Achievement Award from the Fellowship of Southern Writers, and the AWP George Garrett Award for Outstanding Community Service in Literature. He continues to teach and write as well as manage a small but teeming wildlife habitat in Roanoke County, Virginia.